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Win that  if he paid the  tribute  which  he  was  paying pre-
viously, he trculd return after confirming-  him in  his position
to rule the iins-dom,  but if he  did not pay tribute he would
capture  his forts,   and  appoint  his  own  men and  rule the
kingdom.    Then Tiyapan,  Raja  of Ummattur, sent word as
follows :    " We were protecting this kingdom in  this  country
for a long time.    Neither the members of onr dynasty nor the
Kong-ana Yarma Rajas who were ruling in these   countries for
a long time paid tribute to any  king.    While such was the
case, your father Narasingaraya conquered us by his might
and took tribute  from us.    Legally there is no justice in our
paying tribute 'to you).    Hence we will not send tribute ".  He
sent word thus.   Then, on hearing the news,   Vlra Narasinga-
raya got angry, and asking what justification there was for the
palaiyatjars to raise then so many objections since they were
paying tribute in the days of Harihararaya and other crowned
kings of this kingdom, laid siege to the fort of Ummattur  and
fought for three  months.    The palaiyayars gathered a large
army and prevented them from coming   near the fort.    Being
unable to take the fort Narasingaraya retreated with his army
to Sriransrapattanam and besieged the place.    The son of Siva-
grarya (Jivagrahya) who  was formerly  crowned by  Periya
Narasingarayar, reinforced the fort of Siirangapattanam  with
large forces, sent word to and got a big army from the palaiya-
gars of Ummattur and Talaikkadu, came out of the fort, fell on
the army of Vlra Narasingarayar  and   fought.    Then Vira
Narasingaraya sustained a defeat, retreated with his army to
Vidyanagara; he consulted with his  brother  Krsnaraya and
concluded that since Ummattur  and Srirangapattanam were
strongly garrisoned, the country must be  taken  with  strong
forces and much provision.   But nothing was done about this
in   this  reign.   Then Vira Narasingaraya performed  many
works of charity, made many gifts like tuladanam, mahapurusa-
dSnam, Bmr^amerudmam^ aSvadanam, (/ajadanam> godanam^ Wifi-
dSnczm,   J:annik8d&nam,   brahmapratisthadanam,    built    many
feeding house*, attained fame in the world like Parasurama for
received titles such as Bajadhiraja Rajaparamelvar*